At urban pie our passion is to create gourmet, handmade pies, deep filled with the finest ingredients.

check out our selection of more than 12 different pies & handmade sides below…

gourmet pies
steak & stilton                           £4.15                lamb, potato & fresh mint                   £4.05
angus steak                                 £4.10               lamb & rosemary                                    £4.15
steak & mushroom                  £4.05               cheddar & onion (v)                              £3.75
chicken & asparagus               £3.95               seasonal veg (v)                                      £3.95
chicken & mushroom             £4.00              mushroom & asparagus (v)                £3.85
chicken & gammon                 £4.00              look out for our seasonal speciality pies!

tasty sides
traditional mash (v)                £1.85              garden peas (v)                   95p
flavoured mash                         £1.95              mushy peas (v)                   95p
jacket potato (v)                       £1.35              baby carrots (v)                 95p
potato wedges (v)                    £1.25              corn on the cob (v)            95p
chilli con carne                         £1.35              baked beans (v)                   95p
yorkshire pudding (v)                75p             grated cheese (v)                 55p
gravy (v)                                          25p

join us for breakfast
breakfast bap & coffee           £2.00
bacon bap                                   £1.50
sausage bun                               £1.50
croissant (v)                              £1.30
danish pastry (v)                     £1.40