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at urban pie our passion is to create gourmet, handmade pies, deep filled with the finest ingredients.

check out our selection of more than 12 different pies & handmade sides below…

gourmet pies
steak & stilton                           £4.15                lamb, potato & fresh mint                   £4.05
angus steak                                 £4.10               lamb & rosemary                                    £4.15
steak & mushroom                  £4.05               cheddar & onion (v)                              £3.75
chicken & asparagus               £3.95               seasonal veg (v)                                      £3.95
chicken & mushroom             £4.00              mushroom & asparagus (v)                £3.85
chicken & gammon                 £4.00              look out for our seasonal speciality pies!

tasty sides
traditional mash (v)                £1.85              garden peas (v)                   95p
flavoured mash                         £1.95              mushy peas (v)                   95p
jacket potato (v)                       £1.35              baby carrots (v)                 95p
potato wedges (v)                    £1.25              corn on the cob (v)            95p
chilli con carne                         £1.35              baked beans (v)                   95p
yorkshire pudding (v)                75p             grated cheese (v)                 55p
gravy (v)                                          25p

join us for breakfast
breakfast bap & coffee           £2.00
bacon bap                                   £1.50
sausage bun                               £1.50
croissant (v)                              £1.30
danish pastry (v)                     £1.40

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this place is great- I’m glad we didn’t get chance to go to Chinatown now- Brummies evidently have good excellent taste!!! :)

Sam Draper & Marcus Brody June 16th, 2009 at 12:13 pm

Very good, these pies are the confirmed champion of food in the city centre! Very tasty, reasonably priced and most conveniant.
We will be back


We are massively excited about visiting Urban Pie today. We’re arranging our entire day around the event that is Urban Pie. We both feel that our lives will never be the same again after today.

Bring on the pies!!!!

you’ll be pleased to hear that we are planning to bring Urban Pie to Leicester. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest news!

I thought you were coming to Leicester, what went wrong…I need urban pie..here..now !!

My mouth has already started to water~ I am going next weekend ;)

lol I am lame for doing this D ;

Beautiful website and what looks like beautiful pies. Hurry up and come to London!!!

Nice website! :D

A tasty treat of potatoe and meat!mmmmmmm!