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Uhhh i moved to Australia from Birmingham and i still think about Urban Pie! Pleaaaase open one in Sydney!!!

On our way to Birmingham tomorrow so this is of course where we will be eatting :)

Is Urban Pie on Twitter?
Mine is – jarvis1983uk

I was visiting Brum and had an awesome feed at Urban Pie. All I need now is one in my home city of Glasgow!

colin malcom holt December 5th, 2009 at 10:11 pm

just discovered URBAN PIE will be back again & again, spot on

My oh my I love your pie(s)
My friend and I discovered you 2 weeks ago and have been back 4 times since…off there tonight…might try the SUnday lunch pie………oooh and the lovely mash and gravy…yum yum

Yours pies are delicious!! I love seasonal vegetable. :)

These are FANTASTIC!

You haven’t tasted a true pie till you’ve been to this store. Pie Heaven!

Please please PLEASE Come to cardiff, you will never regret it!

We need an urban pie shop in Manchester – when?

Fantastic pie’s, i love the little baby chairs that are attached to the table, its so easy to feed my 8 month old son a bit of mash and peas!!!

working late one night in B’ham I stumbled across Urban Pie. I couldn’t believe how tasty and fresh it tasted and the mash was great too!

You must must must come to London! You’d make a fortune and provide a valuable service, PIES!

I love pies, eating them, looking at them – even doing the American thing with them.
Shame it is only for a week as pies are my life.

LOVE the pies, and being able to have mash etc. I just wish there was more choice for vegetarians as I would eat there a lot more if there were more options – perhaps a different special a month or something? EAT have more options, but their pies are not as tasty!


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