Urban Pie

Pie poem


Here is a poem about pie by rhyme…
The first pie dates back to Egyptian times
Dated centuries ago in 2000 BC
The pleasures of pie were plain to see

The Greeks and Romans also loved their pie
And we believe that we know why
A delicious pie can make your day
That’s why Urban Pie is here to stay!

Urban Pies are baked fresh in store each day,
Each unique in their own special way
Wrapped in a delicious golden crust
Eating Urban Pie is definitely a must!

With a choice of over 15 different pies
There’s a pie for everyone, girls or guys
Bursting with flavour, served piping hot
You’ll be up for seconds like a shot!

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5 Responses to “Pie poem”


What a brilliant poem!

i lyk it

The Pie-fect poem!! ;)

But this poem is too long for my project…. Poop!

Umm… Who wrote this. It is amazing!


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