Urban Pie

Our food


always fresh…Urban Pies are baked throughout the day using the best pastry. Our pies are so fresh they taste homemade. Urban Pie’s are always warm and smell great!

so abundant…Urban Pie’s are bursting with the finest ingredients. Our pies have big chunks of vegetables and bite-sized pieces of high quality cuts of fully traceable meat- no rubbish!

lovingly made…Each Urban Pie is finsished by hand. We take pride in our pies and only the best will do! All of our pie team take care to ensure they create and bake outstanding pies.

great pastry…All Urban Pie’s are made using all butter hand-rolled pastry, using a different pastry for the top to the base. It’s the best way!

best meat…Only the best quality of meat is used in Urban Pie’s. We use the most flavoursome cuts of meat to ensure that our pies taste delicious. We also think about the texture of meat and only use fully traceable meat.

seasonal vegetables…They contain chunks of British seasonal vegetables, which guarantees that our pies taste great all year round.

herbs & spices…Fresh herbs and spices are used to every¬†Urban Pie an authentic taste and seasoning!

We make an effort to guarantee that every Urban Pie is perfect for you!
We hope you love eating our pies as much as we love making them!