Urban Pie


We love Friday’s so much that we give away 10 free pies and sides to competition winners at our Bullring and Highcross locations. We’ve even renamed it Pieday!

But we why to know why you love Friday’s. The best answer will win themselves one of our funky t-shirts and a free dinner for 2. Pie-fect.

Either comment on this blog post or on our Facebook page.

Good luck pie people!


One of our loyal pieoneer’s went to the effort of writing a great poem on our Facebook page telling us how much she loved Urban Pie. We thought it was worthy of a prime place on our website! So here you go…

Urban Pie, my ideal date,
is eating your grub upon a plate.
Meaty, veggie, and seasonal pies,
Just the thought gives me butterflies.
I love how you are passionate,
when you put some mash on it.
When we’re together, it’s all gravy,
When I’m alone, you come and save me.
You love me too, oh don’t deny,
I can see it in your pies.
So Urban, baby, I’m down on my knees,
Give me your love with mushy peas.

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